Oh, Stain Can You See?

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You take care of your teeth really well. You floss and brush at least twice a day. So why, you wonder, do my teeth lose their luminescence after my dentist has cleaned and polished them? The reason and result are connected to what you eat and drink. The surface of teeth, called enamel, is porous, so it can absorb what is put on or passes by it. 

When you want a dental practice that’s dedicated to keeping your teeth looking and performing their best, look no further than the office of Pleasant Valley Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry. We offer an extensive menu of high-quality dental services for people of all ages. Our skilled team—from our board-certified dentist to our personable office staff—has your needs in mind. 

Here are some foods and beverages that can put a tinge on your pearly whites. 

Even though you can’t imagine a day without a cup of coffee or tea, keep in mind that they can alter the appearance of your teeth. Even herbal and white teas are possible culprits. Red wine is an infamous stain-inducer 

Sauces and gravies are tasty, but the dark-hued varieties, such as tomato, soy and curry, can do some damage. If your tongue can take on the color of a sweet treat—like a piece of hard candy, a frozen ice pop or chewing gum—your teeth can too. 

Most sodas and sports drinks have dyes and are loaded with flavor-enhancing chemicals. They’re not your friends. Non-carbonated water is the best choice. 

Who doesn’t enjoy vibrantly hued fruits such as cherries, blackberries, pomegranates and blueberries? Your teeth don’t. 

Tinted food and drinks aren’t your teeth’s only enemies. So are enamel-weakening acids that set the stage for stains (and cavities!) to settle in. Most of the abovementioned items include acid. 

The takeaway: When it comes to keeping stains off of your teeth, monitor the kinds of things and how much of them you put in your mouth. 

At the office of Pleasant Valley Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, our elite team of dental professionals has the ability, focus and flexibility to demonstrate unparalleled professional knowledge. Our high-tech, up-to-the-minute diagnostic equipment will give us an overall view of the health of every aspect of your mouth and teeth while providing the topmost standard of personalized care. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

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