Zoom Whitening in Mt. Laurel

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Mt. Laurel cosmetic dentist

Zoom whitening in Mt. Laurel

It used to be that most people did not have their teeth whitened at the dentist. This special treatment was generally reserved for people in the public eye, or for very special occasions. However, today things have changed. Teeth whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental practices available. This certainly holds true at our dental practice, Pleasant Valley Family Dentistry. If you want to have Zoom whitening in Mt. Laurel, you will be very happy with the services and care that you receive at our dental practice.

At Pleasant Valley Family Dentistry we are happy to have six expert dentists on staff. They are Dr. Asad Sadiq; Dr. Benjamin Nero; Dr. Zaki Sadiq; Dr. Reena Goyal; Dr. Amina Sadiq; and Dr. Essam Adly. Together they have well over 60 years of dental experience. Many patients who come to our office are interested in getting whiter and brighter smiles. A person’s smile is the way they greet others all day long, and having a smile that you like and feel comfortable with is very important. We are happy to be able to offer our patients two choices when it comes to teeth whitening. We offer our in-office Zoom whitening in Mt. Laurel, as well as an effective take-home option. Each teeth whitening option has its benefits, and our dentist will be very happy to meet with you to discuss which option will work best for you.

Many patients choose our in-office Zoom whitening in Mt. Laurel. They enjoy the fact that they do not have to deal with any trays or whitening solutions, and that all they need to do is sit in our dentist’s chair for one hour while the treatment is allowed to work. Other patients do not want to have to sit in our dentist’s chair, and enjoy being able to whiten their own teeth in the comfort of their own home. Our in-office Zoom whitening takes about an hour; both upper and lower teeth are whitened at the same time. The results of this whitening process are quite dramatic. Patients always leave our office smiling, and are excited with the whitening results. Our at-home teeth bleaching system provides more gradual results. If your teeth need extreme whitening you may choose to do the in-office procedure because the whitening solutions we are able to use in our office are stronger than the ones we can send home with our patients. A consultation with our dentist will definitely clear up any questions you may have. If you would like to meet with our dentist to see which whitening solution will work best for you, simply contact us today.

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